Buying watermelon at Glagah Beach

Weather is very hot and there is no tree near you. What do you want to do? You will use an Umbrella or dink a bottle of cold mineral water? I think is usual, how about eat a piece of watermelon or melon? Do you like Watermelon or Melon? If you like them, you can find it near Glagah Beach.


Glagah Beach is one of beaches in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. My friends and I went to this beach in the morning but we arrive almost noon. We went to the beach by motorcycle. When we arrived, the weather on the beach is very hot, so we did not play on the beach. We just saw beach at a place near the beach. There are many trees near the beach. The trees are Cemara Udang tree, and Nanas Laut tree. We sat and enjoyed sea winds there. I think we sat near the Laguna not beach. It was because there is a Laguna near the beach. I cannot explain the condition, perhaps photo can describe it.

In this beach, we cannot swim because the wave is too big and stand near the sea. It is very dangerous! We can see the seawater from a port. The port was made by cement and there a lot of triangle big cement around the port and a part of shore. The cements are functioned for resist the big wave. This beach also near from fruit field; watermelon, melon, and Dragon Fruit. We can see the field near the beach by motorcycle, car, or on foot. We cannot find public transportation in this area.
If you do not have enough time to visit the fruit fields, you can buy the fruits near the beach. There are many sellers’ stalls that sell the fruit and food. We bought three red watermelons and three yellow watermelons at the fruit stall. We were very lucky because the watermelons were very sweet and fresh. It was very delicious!

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