Doing Social Mapping CSR at Pedukuhan Perengdawe

Have you stayed at a strange house? Have you live with a strange family whom you do not know them. I have ever stayed at strange house with a strange family. It occurred when I did a social research at Pedukuhan Perengdawe, Rewulu area, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta –Indonesia. I live with Pak/Mr. Dukuh’s family for 2 weeks. I myself live there and did my research. Pak Dukuh is a person who lead or command people in a sub district. My friends and I had tasks to collect some data and information about social economic at the sub district. We did social mapping project to map citizen need and resources at the dukuh. We did it by ourselves. I did my tasks by myself at Dukuh Perengdawe and my other friends did it at others sub district.

Pedukuhan Perengdawe is located in Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta –Indonesia. Perengdawe has many friendly citizens, peaceful environment, enough natural resources; a lot of rice fields, farms, teak wood trees, etc. and good social capital.

Pedukuhan Perengdawe is one of regions that near or directly adject to Pertamina Rewulu Company. Our project is a base of CSR program of Pertamina Rewulu. Perengdawe is a friendly sub district for new comers or person like me who do a research. As long as I stay at the dukuh, I was very comfortable and save. Pak dukuh and their citizen helped me to collect the data and information. I interview many people for my questioners; they are sample of our research. I visited many household and interview them. I ask about their social, economic, culture, and their life. Some people looked honest and the others looked lie when I asked about their life. I knew that they have many reasons to do it but I had to be able to look for the real fact and also interpreted their problems. It was hard but I had to do it to get the real information. If they were lie, the program who will create by the company could not reach the real problem. It means the program will be wrong target. Because of it I had to collect information carefully. I interview not only people who had problem but also people who had potential to increase their life and community. Despite it, I interviewed some people who had been having a potential program at the dukuh. For example, people who had been having fish dikes, cattle breeding, rice fields, vegetable gardens, and the others. Besides that, I also interviewed sub district organization such as financial organizations, cooperation, government organization, religion organization, young organization, culture organization, and others organizations. Besides the good resources, I also asked about sub district problems such as poverty, education, health, sanitary, crime, and other problems.

I also found good social capital at the dukuh. Person helps another person each other. People help people who need helps. I have interview a leader of financial organization. She said that she and others citizen collected money and material to build a house that has owned by poor citizen. Besides that, Pak dukuh also said that he and his citizen collected some money to build sub district roads.

In addition, I found an interesting story about peaceful environment and moral. Citizens guard the dukuh every night. They call it “ronda” an activity to guard the sub district at night. Besides that, a man and women cannot walk together at night together. He said that, once there was a couple who sit on side road. The couple got a punishment from the dukuh citizens. The punishment is the couple was moved in a procession or parade to walk around the dukuh area without wearing clothes. I am not sure about the punishment but he said like that. Although the scary story, I think that Perengdawe are always welcome to new comers as long as people have good moral or polite action. I could see it from new comers who live at some housing that built at that Dukuh.

I not only visited and interview people but also visited the potential resources and problem during my research. Besides that, I also collect data from sub district government and Sleman regency. I also did a focus group discussion with the dukuh government, dukuh citizens, our lecture, and Pertamina officer at the end of my research. We discussed about resources, problem, and CSR program for future action base on my social mapping research.
I hope my research can be useful to increase social life, culture, and economic at PPerengdawe sub district and its community.

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