Taman Mini Indonesia Indah


Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a big garden is represented all of traditional culture in Indonesia. We can see a lot of traditional houses, clothing, and others from Aceh Province until Papua Province. Every place has a name of the place. We can call the place “Anjungan.” For example; Anjungan Aceh, Anjungan Yogyakarta, Anjungan Sulawesi Selatan, and many others. There are more than thirty Anjungan at Taman Mini.


Besides that, there are some places such as Oil and Gas Museum, flowers garden, and the other places.

My friends and I went to the garden by motorcycle. After arriving at entrance of Taman Mini, we paid two adult tickets and motorcycle parking ticket. The tickets were less than fifty thousand rupiah; it was cheap enough to get amazing experiences about Indonesia culture. We continue coming into the place or the Taman Mini area. Because we were hungry, we decided to eat first. There are many food stands around the area, especially beside the motorcycle parking area near the entrance. After eating some food, we continued our trip to the anjungan by motorcycle. Nevertheless, I thought that I wanted to try visiting the anjungan by cycle. Therefore, I rented to cycle rental near the food stands. We started from Sumatera Area, Java, Sulawesi, etc. After one hour, I sent back the cycle to the cycle rental and continued my trip with my friend.


We visited the traditional houses one by one, saw the traditional clothing, saw traditional music instruments, and many more. I can describe it one by one, but I will attach some photos to tell the situation when we were there. The photos can represented what we saw and visited.  Besides that, we also took some pictures and filled guest book to give some suggestion for the anjungan. We could not take some picture at some anjungan, it was depend on the rule of the anjungan. It was not big problem.Although we could not take some pictures, we could still see all of thing that was at the place. After visiting a lot of Anjungan, we decided to visit a wide flowers garden. We had to pay a ticket again to enter the garden. We paid seven thousand rupiah for one ticket. We saw many flowers and trees at the garden. Although we could not see all of flowers blooming, we enjoyed sitting at garden chair while seeing an artificial lake. I sketched the garden and it made me happy.

If you want to visit all of Indonesian places but you do not have a lot of time, you can visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah only. You can find Indonesia!

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