Visiting Taman Prasasti Museum


Visiting cemetery is not bad idea. I think we can find some information about the cemetery. In this trip, I will tell you about Taman Prasasti Museum. The museum is one of museums in Jakarta. The first, we can reach this museum in Central Jakarta, near from National Museum. From National Museum, we can walk for ten minutes to the place. The second, we only pay five thousand rupiah for one adult ticket and we can see many beautiful cemetery.

The Museum Taman Prasasti or Park of Memorial Stones and small Inscription Museum occupy part of the land that in the past was one of Jakarta’s oldest cemeteries. The cemetery was establish in 1795 and known to many as Kebon Jahe Kober (“Ginger plantation cemetery”). The cemetery was designated as the final resting place of Dutch nobilities and high-ranking official of the VOC. However, overtime, the cemetery was also opened to the public, especially those of Christian Faith. The cemetery was officially closed and later restored. It was then redesigned as a museum and former Governor of DKI Jakarta, Ali Sadikin, opened it in 1977.



We as visitor can also gain insight knowledge of the background of the people whose name are inscribed in the tombstones, and their role in Jakarta’s history, as well as on the art of making stones or tombstones in the 17th to 20th centuries.

In this museum, we will find a lot of cemetery and some statues. There are Bunda Maria, Jesus, and angel’s statues. The cemetery at this place not only Dutch cemetery but also Chinese cemetery. There are some Chinese cemeteries at this place. Besides that, we will find a green building. I think the building is a mini church. In this place, there are some trees, Cambodia tree, palm, flowers, and grass. This place is opened to take a photograph or shooting film. When we visited the place, there were some people were being taken photograph.

We can get more information about the cemetery and museum at website:

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