Destination European; Travel and Cultural Fair

I have a dream to go to England someday. I often watch videos about tourism in England, besides that I also look for some information about social life in England. A few days ago, there is a European Destination Fair in Balai Kartini, Jakarta. Because of my dream about England, I attended the event. I came alone but it is okay. I could see offering tourism destination at the event. This event is the first event in Indonesia. The event started from 18 to 19 October 2014. Visitors just paid ten thousand rupiah for entrance ticket. We could find many interesting travel and cultural offering from many countries in European.

Many countries in Europe offered their interesting destination. I visited all of the countries that participated at the event. Each of country both made interesting design booth and agenda. There was a country both, which offered photo session. Visitor could wear traditional clothes and took nice photos. After we took photos, we had to upload the photos to social media such as instagram, facebook, or twitter and then we got a nice souvenir by the county booth. Visitors also followed a quiz that created by the county both and then got the prize. There was direct quiz, we followed a quiz at the booth, if we won we got the prize directly. Besides that, there was an indirect quiz. For example, I followed a photo session in England booth then I had to upload my photo to visitUK on twitter. I could know information about the winner after a few days later.

In addition, we also could get souvenirs without following the quiz. We just visited and asked much information about the destination in the country booth. After that, we could get not only some information but also a souvenir. I got many souvenirs from those county booths. I got a book of Sweden cuisine recipe. I also got a poster from Spain. Besides that, I got a miniature of Batik Rhino from one of Indonesian insurance company. It is very nice souvenir. Visitor could see not only European country booths but also tour and travel agencies. The agency offered some interesting tour and travel promotion. The offering was very attractive.

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