Seeing The first commercial Indonesian airplane at Satria Mandala Museum


I like an airplane. I always think that airplane is if transportation to reach my ambition. My teacher said, “Make a paper airplane and fly it! It means same as you try to reach your ambition.” Because of the story, I always think that airplane is interesting transportation. It always remains me to always remember my aim. Okay! I do not tell you about my aim, I will tell you about one of museums that have airplanes. My friend and I went to Satria Mandala Museum.

The museum contents a lot of things and good about Indonesia army (Tentara Nasional Indonesia). I saw not only airplanes but also all of this about Indonesia Army. The museum is located at Jalan Gatot Subroto No. 14 Jakarta near from LIPI Building. We can reach this place by Trans Jakarta or some metro mini. This museum opens on Tuesday- Sunday from 9.00 p.m. to 2.30 p.m during whereas on Monday and holidays closed. We just pay two thousand five hundred rupiah for one ticket.


There are many things; historical Indonesia war dioramas, several goods of soldier, guns, tanks, airplanes, and many more. We started our trip from an entrance; then we came into the museum. We found a wide proclamation text on the wall. After that, a lot of war diorama in Indonesia entertained us. After that, we found many things about Jendral Sudirman such as his robe, sword, chair, and stretcher. We can see all of general who lead the TNI and some soldiers who had role in Indonesian Military.

Besides seeing about Generals and soldiers, we continued to turn down the stair to see many military guns. We saw many guns from old time to present. After that, we went out from the building and went to outside. We found a lot of tanks and airplanes in outdoor. Russian made most of the tanks. Besides the tanks, we also saw many military airplanes. There is a helicopter, War airplanes, the first commercial Indonesian airplane commercial airplanes, and two cars that had function as an ambulance.

The museum area is comfortable for everyone not only adults but also children. Some people invited their family to enjoy their picnic in this area. They also brought some food and drinks.

There are many trees and flowers at the museum’s park. Besides that, there is a fond with two birds. We can take a rest in this comfortable area. It is because we can sit and lie down in garden chairs. There are many facilities in this museum area such as canteen, toilet, and souvenir shop. If we need some food or drinks, we can bring from our house or buy at the canteen. We also can take some pictures in the museum. If you want to know more about this museum, you can visit this site

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