Indonesia Kite Museum


When we were child, we often play a kite. Sometimes, I still remember that I have ever chased a falling kite. Today, I think the action is very dangerous. Thus, when I was child it was nice moment. Sometimes, I did not think that was dangerous action. I just thought that I had to get the falling kite. I just wanted to play happily.

A few days ago, I tried to remember my memories about a kite. I went to Kite Museum. I went there by public transportation. Kite museum is located at Jl. H. Kamang No.38, Pondok Labu, South Jakarta. I started my trip from East Bekasi. I took Mayasari Bus to Blok M terminal and then took a Metromini 610 to reach Kite Museum. I stoped at one third of the ways at Jalan RS. Fatmawati. I found an information board about the Kite Museum at the area. After that, I walked to the museum. It is about 350 meters.

I arrived at the museum and paid for ten thousand rupiah for one ticket. After that, the owner as a tour guide invited me and other visitors to visit the kite museum. We saw many kites from many provinces in Indonesia. We saw traditional kites, sport kites, and many more. Besides that, the guide invited and described to us about kites from foreign countries such as Japan, China, Malaysia, and other countries.

This museum is a private museum. The owner said that she herself built the museum and pay for employee salary. Local government does not give them donations yet. Thus, they must attracted many visitor to fund their museum. After describing much information about kite and museum, she encourages us to make a little kite. We started to make the kite. Frist, she gave us a sheet of paper, a kite framework, glue, and Oil pastels. The second, we had to make the kite by her instruction. After that, we colored the kite and added some kite accessories. After it, we finished making the kite. We could continue our trip to watch some video about kites at video room.

We can make not only little kite but also other things. We can make a ceramic and Batik. Beside that we can paint little or big polyester kite, an umbrella, a ceramic, a T-shirt, Wayang-puppet, Lampion, and Traditional Fan. If we want to make and paint them, we must pay for various prices. We start paying for ten thousand rupiah to sixty thousand rupiah. We can make and bring them to our house. Therefore, if you interested in kite, you can visit Museum Layang-Layang Indonesia or Indonesia Kite Museum.

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