Bogor Botanical Garden; Learning about various plants


Enjoying interesting scenery can make us happy or comfortable. We see trees, flowers, and grass spread out. Wow, it is very amazing. To see all of them, we can visit forest or botanical garden. If we want to know much about the plants, we can visit a botanical garden. We can see not only scenery but also get some information about the plants.

astrid garden

My friend and I went to one of Botanical Garden in Indonesia a few days ago. We visited Bogor Botanical Garden. Bogor Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden located at Jalan Ir. Haji Juanda No.13 Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. It is about 60 km south of Jakarta. The garden is in the city center in Bogor. Besides that, the garden also adjoins the Bogor President Palace.

We went to the botanical garden by Commuter Train from Jakarta. We took almost one hour from Cawang station to Bogor station. After arriving at Bogor station, we take a public transportation, angkot 02, to reach the botanical garden. We stopped at second gate of Bogor Botanical Garden. After came into the area, we walked to a ticket box entrance. We paid fifteen thousand rupiah per one ticket for adult person. It has included retribution fee and insurance. After paying the ticket, we started seeing many plants. We saw and learn many fern collection, pandan collections, palms, orchids, various trees, medical plants, bamboo, and many more.

We also saw giant orchid. Unfortunately, we could not see its flowers. Orchid is not in flower time. I think that if we visited in flower time, it would look very beautiful place. We just found a little blooming flower such as Durian tree. Durian is in flower time. We could see many durian flowers fallen. We saw not only durian tree but also various trees. Besides seeing and learning many plants, we also visited interesting garden such as Astrid garden, Bhineka garden, Mexico garden, and others garden. In addition, we saw orchidarium and herbarium.

After we saw many trees from many places in Indonesia, we also saw Bogor President Palace. The palace adjoins the botanical garden but we cannot enter to the palace. We saw the palace and some deer that was eating grass. Some visitor fed deer with human food. It was not good for the deer. They should not feed the deer. Beside saw bad visitor habit, we also saw many couple did impolite behavior around the trees area. In Indonesia, we called it “mojok” under the tree.

Many visitors used the botanical garden to do many activities such as picnic, family gathering, out bond, organization agenda, and other activities. We saw a company was doing agenda of family gathering. Besides that, we also saw many children was drawing and coloring a picture. Some family also brought a mat, sat under the tree while eating some food, and talking each other. It was very nice activity; I hope someday I can invite my family to picnic in this garden.

This botanical garden also provides some facilities; there is mosque, mushalla, food stalls, toilet, and visitor cars. We can take a visitor car to take a walk around the whole of botanical garden. Besides that, we found many street photographers who can take us photos. They also can print the photo directly. It was because they also bring their notebook and photo printer. Okay, if you want to visit this Bogor Botanical Garden and want to know much about it. You can visit this website

So come to this Bogor Botanical Garden and always keep our behavior and environment.

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  1. Wondering? Is the helipad built for President Bush’s visit in 2006 still there? At the time, many people were upset because of the damage the construction and the winds from the rotors could have on trees.


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