Cute Little birds at Muara Angke Nature Reserve


If we want to spend our time on shoreline or mangrove forest, we can visit Suaka Marga satwa Muara angke or Muara angke Nature Reserve. Base on data from many sources on Internet, this place has 1.344,62 ha and the smallest nature reserve in Indonesia. Although the place is so small, this place is very important for some species, which live there. We will find some of mangrove tree and other species that live there including animals. We can see some of bird species; little Pecuk-padi, kuntul, kareo padi, and many others. There are more or less ninty species of birds. We can find twenty-eight water bird species and sixty-three forest bird species. Approximately, seventy birds are protected birds by government. Besides the birds, we also can find a group of monyet ekor panjang (Macaca fascicularis). This monkey has important roles in the nature reserve because they help to distribute seed in this forest. Moreover, we can meet beaver (aonyx cinerea) and some of reptiles such as biawak air, sanca kembang, ular sendok jawa, and the others.


Visiting this nature reserve, we can take public or private transformation. My friends and I went to this place by public transportation. We start our trip from Pancoran area, pancoran halte, and take busway Pluit-Pinang Ranti direction. After we arrive in the last halte in Mega Mall Pluit, we continue our trip by Angkot, Pantai Indah Kapuk residence direction. We stopped at Pantai Indah Kapuk Gate near Pizza hut restaurant after than we walked to the place. It is about 300 meters from the gate. After finding the place, we entered soon but we were confused. We did not find someone at the gate. We walked on the wooden bridge further.

After entering more that twenty meters and find a house as office, someone stopped and asked us. He asked what we did. We answered that we want to visit that place. He, a natural preserve officer said that we could not enter the place; he did not say the reason clearly. I asked him more than three times about the reasons, but he just said that if we want to visit the nature tourism, mangrove tree, we had to go another place. We cannot visit this place. If we had a research letter, we can enter this place. To enter this nature reserve, visitor must have an approval  from Balai Konservasi Sumberdaya Alam (BKSDA) DKI Jakarta at Jalan Salemba Raya, Central Jakarta. My friend and I were confused about his explanations. He looked hiding something that we did not understand. Because of the reasons, we left the place and continued looking for another natural tourism. Before we left the place, we saw a little bird on the wooden bridge. The bird was very cute and it was not afraid of us. Beside the little bird, there were many birds like that which looked for its meal on the mud and some of them flew among the trees. They have same characteristics; I thought they have same species. Although we could not enter but we know about this place but we get some information about the Muara Angke nature reserve. It is nice trip.

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