Jakarta Mangrove Resort; Let Us See Mangroves!

DSC07276DSC07197Visiting mangrove forest is good idea to spend our holiday. We can get not only tourism experience but also some information about mangrove. My friend and I went to Wisata Alam Mangrove; Taman wisata alam Angke Kapuk Jakarta Utara, Jakarta Mangrove resort, in North Jakarta on last November.

depanWe went to the Mangrove resort by public transportation. If you have private car, you can reach it easily although the place is far. We started our trip from Pancoran shelter by Trans Jakarta bus way. We took a bus way Pluit- Pinang Ranti direction. We stopped at Pluit mall shelter. After that, we took another public transportation, Red Angkot Pantai Indah Kapuk Direction and stopped at Pantai Indah Kapuk Mansion Gate. After arriving at the Gate, we asked someone who had sat at Gate office. He said that Jakarta Manggrove resort is far from our area, we had to take another public transportation. Therefore, we continued our trip by another public transportation- Red Angkot Muara Angke direction that goes through the pantai indah kapuk area. The car can reach Jakarta Mangrove Resort. Rute of the the Manggrove resort is Mall Pluit – Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) Gate- PIK hospital-Water boom PIK-Golf Mediteranian-Green House- PIK roundabout – Tzu Chi Buddhist Center- Natural Tourism of Muara Angke Mangrove Forest. The mangrove resort is in front of Tzu Chi Buddhist Center.


What can we see at that mangrove forest? This mangrove forest has 99, 82 ha of wide. We saw many mangrove trees with interesting garden design. It opens daily from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. and we had to pay for twenty thousand per one person. At the first time we went there, we stopped at a Mosque to take a pray. Because of noon, the weather was very hot. If we walked to reach the mosque on a wooden bridge, our sole of foot felt terribly hot and we had to run faster to the mosque. Why did we feel like that? It is because we must put off our shoes or sandal at mosque gate and put it at shoes rack.


After praying, we continued our trip on foot. We saw many mangrove trees. There are some of varieties mangrove such as Bakau merah (Rhizopora Stylosa Giff), Bakau (Rhizopora Mucronata Lam.), bakau api-api (Avicennia Alba Blume/ A. Marina), and Tacang (Bruguiera Gymnorrhiza). In that area, we also found a monkey cage, rabbit garden, a sample of organic plants, organic fertilizer production, dragon fruit garden, a place for mangrove cultivation of seeding and young mangrove planting area. At Mangrove planting area, we found a lot of young mangroves, which just planted by person or company as Corporate Social Responsibility program.

In this place, we also rent wooden cottages; a camping house or a nature cottage. We can follow the water or shoreline with canoe or traditional wooden ship. To enjoy them, we must rent it for a few minutes. We also can climb a tower. From this site, we can see all of the forest area widely. If we want to take a rest, we can sit down at wooden bench or grass. We also can eat some menu in Mangrove cafe, canteen, or just enjoying our foodstuffs.

After taking a rest, we wanted to continue our trip to the beach and enjoying sea wind. When we walked to the shoreline route, we found a lot of rubbish around the route. We do not know where the rubbish came from but it is disturbed the mangrove area. After almost arriving on the beach, we saw some of visitors ware disappointed. We were confused but go on to the the object. A few minutes we walked and the arrived, we only see an ignored cottage and shoreline with a lot of rubbish. Although, we felt sea wind and offshore but we were uncomfortable I think the situation was out of visitor’s expectation. Besides finding a lot of rubbish, we see some of broken cottage and a wooden bridge too. This Mangrove resort is very nice, I hope Jakarta Mangrove Resort management notices this problem and take care it.


This trip is very amazing and gives us much information. So, before going home we could take a picture. Oh! If you want to take pictures, just bring camera hand phone. If you bring pocket camera or professional camera, you must pay for one million rupiah.

Don’t forget always keep the nature and clean!

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  1. Makasih. Wah paket tour ke Dieng ya. Pengen kesana tapi belum sempat. Semoga bisa kesana nanti, sudah tidak sabar bikin review tentang Dieng. hehe…


  2. wah fotonya keren keren banget kak,, 🙂

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