Air Manis as Malin Kundang Beach

CameraZOOM-20141124123602127Many beaches have old stories or legends. We have heard about the legend from visitors who have visited the beach or from local community who live there. We can believe it or not bur some people believe that the legend is true. In Indonesia, we often find about beach legend such as on Parang tristis beach Yogyakarta with Ratu Kidul legend and on Air Manis beach in West Sumatera with Malin Kundang legend. A few weeks ago, I got a change to visited Air Manis beach.DSC07435On that beach, we not only hear a legend of the beach but also we can see an evidence of the legend. We can see Malin and his ship that has been stones. Malin is a character in that legend, he has been disobedient to his mother after he went on a journey looking for work and has become a rich-man. He has made her sad and heartache.

Malin did not want to confess his mother. Consequently her cruse Malin. He and his ship become stone. Sometimes, we cannot believe about the legend but if we have seen the evidence, we will think again about the legend. It is true or false, it is depend on you and your mind. May be, we just think that God has a secret that we do not understand about it. I mean that it is the power of God about something.

DSC07462Air Manis beach is placed 15 km from Padang city center. Reaching the beach needs hard efforts; we must climb the Padang Mountain. Yet, we will find an amazing landscape from that mountain. We will be spoiled by a beautiful landscape, beach, and island. If we want to go the beach, we can take public transportation. First, we must go to Plaza Sentral Pasar Raya. From this place, we take public transportation, angkot, Padang- Bungus direction. When I went to the beach, I took public transportation, Padang-Teluk Bayur Direction. When I arrived at Teluk Bayur Harbor, I took another public transportation. I took an Ojek. When I took Ojek, I could see almost landscape widely. It is very beautiful landscape.

I arrived at the beach and went to the Malin stone; I took a picture and tried to understand about the legend. The stone is very look like all about ship and a human. It is very amazing to think about it. It is very confused. However, we will think again about the story and especially about relationship between our parent and us.DSC07456

At the beach, we will find some souvenir shops. We can buy many souvenirs; t-shirt, key chains, bag, and another beautiful crafts. I sat at the sand and enjoyed the beach while took a photo about paragliding show. Beside that, I also visited a little island near from the beach, Pisang kecil –Little banana island. We can cross the beach to reach the island in the morning until afternoon, low tide time.DSC07499

In the island, we can find a house with little food-shop and a few of goat. I was confused when I saw the goat ate noodles. It was really enjoy noodles. I asked people who live at the island. He said that the goal has been accustomed to eat human food. When tidewater time, people who live in this go home and they leave the goats in this place.

From this place, we can enjoy the sea and the wind. We can sit under the coconut tree while enjoying the coconut water. Is so fresh and happy. Before tide time, go back to the Air Manis Beach and continue another place. So keep this beach from the rubbish and keep the nature naturally. Love this Air Manis beach!

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