Baru Beach, Love Seeing the Windmills!


I love seeing windmills; I hope someday I will see it in Holland. However, today I interested in many windmills in Pantai Baru, Baru Beach in Bantul – Yogyakarta. I do not know why the name of this place is Pantai Baru. Baru is mean new in Indonesian. However, I was embittered to know about the beach and windmills. My husband loves it too. Base on the reason, we decided taking after wedding photo at this place. After we finished taking photo at Abang Temple, we continued to go to Baru Beach.


The windmills are generator that use hybrid as its power. They stand among the trees and bushes near from Baru Beach. On the beach we can took many interesting photo and enjoy the sea wind.

IMG_2687aThere are many Cemara Udang trees on this beach. It protects us from sunlight and makes us fell fresh. We also found a few food shop and a place to pray. We can spread out a plaited mat under the Cemara Udang tree or just sit on the big trees branch while seeing the beach. Although we can sit at the big branch that it slopes slightly, we also know that we must keep the nature from the damaged. Love the nature carefully!

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