Taking photography at Abang Temple, Teletubies Hill

foto019Candi Abang, Abang Temple, is located at Blambangan, Jogotirto village, sub district, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta. My husband and I went to this place to take after wedding photos. My photographer suggests this place for us. They just said that the place is very beautiful and amazing for our photo. Therefore, we accepted her suggestion.IMG_2600_

People seldom visit this place because it is far from Main Street and just a little direction to reach it. From Yogyakarta, we drive a private car, and we tried to reach the place. We also used Google map to find it. After parking our car in that village, we continued our trip on foot to get the location.

rute k candi abangWhen we arrived at the temple, we just find a grass hill with wide meadow. It is nice and very beautiful. From many source, the size of the temple is 36 x 34 meters and the temple high does not know yet. There is a well in the middle of the temple. This Abang temple has Pyramid shape and it is made from Gamping and Andesite stone. People call the temple, Candi Abang. It because the temple made from brick, which is red color stone. Today, many grass growth on the temple. It is make the temple like a hill and people say it, Teletubies hill.

We can climb the hill easily and take amazing photos from the top. Photographer was at the bottom and we were on the top of the hill. After taking photos at the hill, we continued our trip to wide meadow. In this area, we met many people who wanted to take photos and enjoyed the panorama. We can enjoy the area and feel fresh to see the landscape. We can see Jogjakarta landscape from this place.IMG_2598_

Enjoy the temple but always keep it!

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