Aek Rangat or Hot Spring Samosir

IMG_20151030_131024Seeing amazing Toba Lake, Samosir view, and its mountain is experience of greatest price. My friends and I saw Toba Lake, Samosir view, and mountain as long as we went along the edge of Samosir roads. We saw them and decide visiting hot spring, Hot water, in Pucuk Buhit Mountain.  This area is located in 3 km from Pangururan. This hot spring is under Pusuk Buhit Foot Mountain. This mountain is the highest dot in Toba Lake Area.


To go to the place we rented a car. When we found Pucuk Buhit Mountain View. It is very nice and great view.  We stopped in amazing landscape and Mountain View; we saw Toba Lake from the top. We took a fee photos. After enjoying those views, we continue our trip to Hot Spring water. We wanted to try hot spring bathing place. Tourist called this hot water as Hot Spring. Besides that, local people known as Aek Rangat.


We chose one of hot water bathing places. After we parked our rent car, people who work there offered us about hot spring bathing place. We pay for five thousand rupiah per person. There is separate bathing room between woman and man, but you can choose private bathing place if you are in one family. Only one of my friends bath in hot spring water. Whereas we just soaked our foot in that water. This hot spring contains some mineral, especially Sulphur.  We just enjoyed the hot spring and we cannot eat something when we are in that area. It is a rule in that hot water place. Therefore, we were soaking our foot while seeing Pucuk Buhit Mountains view. It is very fresh, clean, and enjoyable.

After a few minutes and my friend has finished her activities, soak and swim, we continue our trip. Before it, we discussed about route to go to Brastagi Regency or we came back to Tomok Area to see Si gale-gale place. Finally, we decide to continue out trip to go to Brastagi. However, we have a plan; if we find a good tourist area, we will stop and enjoy the place. Thanks for the hot water and nice view, hope the place always keep clean and natural!

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