Si piso-piso Waterfall, one of the highest waterfall


After visiting Berastagi View, we continued our trip to Si piso-piso waterfall. We moved to Karo regency. Si piso-piso is one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia. It is about 120 meters.

This waterfall is located at Tongging, Merek, Karo Regency, North Sumatera. 24 Km from Kabanjahe Regency. We can reach this waterfall for 2.5 hour from Medan city. We can take public transportation, bus, Kabanjahe direction and Toba Lake Direction.


We drive to this area by our rent car. We arrived at a parking area and then find so many souvenir shop. From this area, we can see Toba Lake View too.


we can see the waterfall but it is far. We must go down the stairs to see the waterfall. It is about one hour to reach waterfall based. Because we have no much time, we just saw it from the top and taking some picture.


IMG-20151101-WA0070After that, we visited souvenir shops and bought some souvenirs. For example, t-shirt, key chain, another souvenirs. Thank you Si Piso-piso! keep nature!

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