Curup Mangkok like a Giant Shower


Mangkok waterfall is one of waterfall in Pagar Alam city, South Sumatera. People also called it Pancur Waterfall. it was because the water flow like a giant shower.



Some people believe that this water can cure skin disease. This waterfall is located at slope of Dempo Mountain, Pematangbango village. It is about 3 Km from Pagar Alam city. This waterfall is very cold although the water is shallow. Curup Mangkok is very nice, you can go into to the water and swim. My father tried to go into the water, he said that it is very cold water but very fresh. Because we did not bring another cloth we did not tried to swim too. It is very nice to swim next time. I hope so.

img_20151120_104133_hdrThere are a few facilities; toilet, sarong rent, footstalls, and another. We can take nice photos in this area. After we enjoy that waterfall, we went back to our car. we must move upward to that place. it is so hard but we must.

img-20151121-wa0042img_20151120_110654_hdrCurup Mangkok  is very nice view. Love it !

2 responses to “Curup Mangkok like a Giant Shower”

  1. Thank you.


  2. The water look so clear and nice! I doubt I’d ever be in this part of the world, thanks for sharing 🙂


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