Pagar Alam Tea Garden, Dempo Mountain


Have you heard about Puncak Tea Garden in Bogor, West Java? If you have heard about it or visited that place. You must visit another tea garden in Indonesia. In my hometown, we also have tea garden.

img-20151121-wa0024We call it Dempo Tea Garden or Pagar alam tea garden.

A few months ago, I had an opportunity to visiting it with my friend and my family. We went to that place by car, we hired it. We found strong driver to reach that tea garden. We start our trip after 4.00 pm and arrived at the location at 11.00 pm.

img-20151121-wa0010Because we arrived almost at midnight, we were looking for a room or villa. After finding the room, we went sleep soon. In the morning, we woke up with fresh air. We opened door and found view of tea garden widely. It so amazing and very beauty.

img-20151121-wa0018Pagar Alam tea garden is located in Pagaralam City, 7/8 hours or 310 Km from Palembang as a capital of South Sumatera. PTPN VII Persero is owner of this tea garden. Bukit Barisan mountains make a round of Pagaralam city. This tea garden is located at slope of Dempo Mountain. Whereas Dempo Mountain (3159 mdpl) is located in border area between South Sumatera and Bengkulu Province. Reaching this place can use bus or travel car from Palaembang. You can go through many cities in South Sumatera; Ogan Ilir, Prabumulih, Muara Enim, and Lahat. Before we arrive at location, we can visit these cities and enjoy their tourism.

img_20151120_090025_hdrAfter arriving at this area, you can do many activities. You can be jogging, hiking, taking photo, or just enjoying fresh air and nice view. We took many picture in this area and we drive until Rimau monument at slope of Dempo Mountain.

img_20151120_083341_hdrFrom this area we can see tea garden landscape. we like being on land above the clouds. It is amazing. If you are there, please do trash your rubbish everywhere. You must pay for 10 million, if you do it. After visiting tea garden, we can visit another tourism destination; a few of waterfalls, megalithic area, etc.

Always keep clean and enjoy tea garden.

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