Wash your face in Curup Embun, you will be ageless

img_20151120_100250_hdrPagar Alam is one of city that has many waterfalls. One of them is, Curup Embun or in English Dew Waterfall. It is about 2 KM from Pagar Alam, east of tea garden in slope of Dempo Mountain at Curup Jare village, Kecamatan North Pagar Alam regency.

img-20151121-wa0023img_20151120_095455_hdrWe can use bus or travel to go to Pagar Alam. To reach this location we drive car. If we arrive at the location, we must do down many ladder steps to reach it and we will see the waterfall. When we go down the stairs, we feel very fresh. Because of many trees in right and left stair. We can go into the water and enjoy it. It is so nice!

img_20151120_101122_hdrThis waterfall is about 80 meters’ height. We can swim or just go into the water. On weekend, this waterfall is very busy. There are many people come to this area. There are many stone and a few big stone at this waterfall. So be careful! some people believe if washed their faces with the waterfall, they will stay young.

Thank you Curup Embun, you are really nice!

2 responses to “Wash your face in Curup Embun, you will be ageless”

  1. Hm… ageless. So tempting. Thanks for letting me know this 😉


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