Human statues wrapped by a snake  

img_20151120_123307_hdrAfter trying to understand more about grave stones before. we then walked approximately 20 meters toward Tanjung Aro area megalith sites. From entrance we can see there is statue that we wanted to visit. This human statue wrapped a snake is located in this area. It is located at area of rice fields and not far from residential areas.

img_20151120_124425_hdrHuman statues wrapped is located in Tanjung Aro, Kuripan Babas, Northern District of Pagar Alam, Kota Pagar Alam, South Sumatra Province. This statue is an object of cultural heritage Pasemah in Pagar Alam and Lahat at the time of megaliths. The statue is made of natural stone. The statue consists of humans and snakes. In carving the statue, the snake was wrapped around the human body and biting his head. Currently, this statue is protected by an iron fence. This is intended to preserve the statue.

In addition to the statue, we also found many large rocks and small in the rice fields. However, we could not find information about the existence of such large stones. Nevertheless, from the areas we could see Mount Dempo and natural surroundings. Around this statue is located at the foot of Mount Dempo. So the landscape of Mount Dempo will look very attractive when seen from this area.


Interesting view!

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