Tidung Island; Big and Small

img_20160102_153134Visiting Seribu Island is one plan that would like my husband and I did. We planned to visit the island to join a tour package. My husband tried to book the tour package. We took a tour that together with another participant. There were more that five people who join this tour package.

img_20160103_054933 On Sunday, at 4 am, we went to Muara Angke harbor area. When he arrived at the dock, then we contacted the organizers of the tour previously we ordered via a website. He gave us tickets for the boat ride to get to Tidung Island.

At eight o’clock in the morning, the ship was just beginning the journey to Tidung Island. Reaching Tidung Island, the ship takes approximately 3- 4 hours. During the trip, we enjoyed sea view and also the air. Once in a while we took pictures of ourselves or of sea water, and the others small island. After several hours, eventually we arrived at Tidung Island.

img_20160103_094012Tidung Island is one of the villages in the district of South Thousand Islands, Thousand Islands regency, Jakarta, Indonesia. Tidung island is divided into two, namely, Pulau Besar and Pulau Tidung kecil, in English we call it big and small Tidung Island. Both islands are connected by a bridge. The locals call it the bridge of love, in indonesian we call it Jembatan Cinta.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis island is very interesting, It we will found many more houses to be used as a homestay. In addition, we also found a lot of bicycles, tricycles, motorcycles. It is because the roads in Tidung island is  small and can only be traversed by those transportation.

After arriving at the dock of Tidung Island, then we met a tour guide who served on this island. After that, he accompanied us to one of the homestay there. That homestay about 20-30 meters from the dock. After arriving at the homestay, we were introduced to the homestay owner. The tour guide  gave us explanations of our tour schedule and also about our meal and room. We will start our itinerary snorkeling in the afternoon, but this time is still 11 a. Because of the reason, he told us to take a rest first

After resting, we rode our bicycle towards the bridge of love. Each tour participants gets a bike. After a few minutes, we arrived at Cinta Bridge. We parked our bikes in the parking area. Then, we went to a motor boat. There, the guide gave us a few explanations of snorkeling and tools. After wearing life jacket and snorkeling tools, we went up to motor boat. Then, the boat moved toward the middle of the sea in the area of the Small Tidung Island.  I an not sure about is, but the sea near from that area.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen we reached the sea, snorkel guide told us to jump into the sea to snorkel. Since, this is my first experience snorkeling participate, of course I was scared. Even though I know that I use life jackets. But when I jump into the sea, it was terrible, especially sea water depth of about 3-5 meters. Because I was released alone in the middle of the sea, I was not so good at last swim away by the waves. Therefore, I was assisted by my husband for snorkeling.  After a few minutes, I decided to board the ship and finish this snorkeling activities. Maybe next time this event will be fun if I already know a lot about snorkeling. But this time, snorkeling this is a truly frightening experience.

fhd0109We finished snorkeling activity, then we went back to the area of Cinta Bridge. At that place, we followed some activities such as banana boat and a swim at the beach. After all the activity done, we went back to the homestay.


During we were on the way, we took lots of nice photos on the beach area and also saw the activities of the island’s community. We also found a very interesting souvenir shops. That store sell a lot of dream catcher. It is very beautiful view. I took a picture and then bought one piece turquoise deream catcherI really liked the dream catcher.

img_20160102_173400After that we went back to the homestay and shower. At dusk, we were cycling towards the sunset. We cycled towards the western end of the island, where we waited for sunset. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy sunset thick enough so it is not so, but looks beautiful. But it does not matter, cycling to and return to the homestay also fun activities especially can learn a lot about life and nature in this Tidung Island.


At night, there were activities grilled fish near the homestay. The guide tim grilled us those fish. After it, we ate the grilled fish at a Gazebo near seafront. We were eating while watching lightening flashlight in the sky. It was because rain and there were a lot ogf thunderbolt.

img_20160201_052545img_20160103_053702img_20160103_055116The next day, after morning prayers. We cycled to Small Tidung Island. We parked our bike near Cinta Bridge and then walked to the bridge.  When we were on the bridge of love, the sun started to creep up. We took a few photos. When taking photos, we see there was a cat who approached us. I thought the cat was hungry, but sorry we did not bring food. The cat was sleeping in the gazebo in the area of the bridge that connects the two islands. After stroking the cat’s head, we continued our trip down the bridge until reached the island.

After a few minutes, we reach small tidung Island. Because of the early hour, there was no one else on the island. We stepped on the island. Quite eerie, considering there are some mythical stories about this island. However, as we aim well so we were quiet.

Small Tidung island without resident, just an office building. It used for operational staff. Small Tidung Island which is a breeding area of mangrove. On arriving at the island, we found Nice sunrise and capture it with our camera. We saw spread of small mangrove on the shore and seafront.  And then we sea sand on the beach. It is fine and white. After that, we continue our trip. We saw the office buildings and a dock area.  At this island, there is a dock that is quite unique, which is made of plastic. We did not really understand the material, but it was enough to attract attention. After a few minutes, we decided to go back to the homestay and setting up our belongings. It is because at 9 am, we should be ready to dock of Tidung Island.

After packing and breakfast, we got ready to dock and soon boarded the ship to return home. The island is very pleasant, especially the activity of cycling and nature. But unfortunately here commonly found household waste both on land and on the seafront. I hope we as a regular visitor to safeguard the environment and hopefully there are a good waste management in island Tidung. Hopefully. But this island is very nice, hope it is alwasy clean and beauty.

8 responses to “Tidung Island; Big and Small”

  1. Thank you, I also like cat so much.

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  2. What a wonderful post! I enjoyed it quite a bit. You and your husband look very happy together. 🙂 I am a cat person, so I really liked the photo with the cat! ❤

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  3. Yes, it’s really fun. Thank you.


  4. It looks beautiful and like so much fun!

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  5. Thank you, I think that island is beautiful if there is a lot of garbages.


  6. The Nomadic Jamaican Avatar
    The Nomadic Jamaican

    Too bad about the household waste around the islands and your snorkeling experience, but seem like quaint little islands to visit.


  7. Thank you. Yes, welcome to Indonesia. Hope you can visit my country,
    We have a lot of things that can be visited; nature, culture, customs, and all things interesting.
    I hope your wishes can come true.


  8. I really enjoyed your story. I think it would be exciting to travel to Indonesia some day. I wonder what things are like on that side of the world.

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