Curug Bidadari, Sentul Paradise Park

img_20160312_102835A beautiful waterfall with fresh water is a good idea to do on weekend. We did it a few months ago, my husband and I searched a beautiful tourism in Bogor. We found many of them, because we like nature tourism. We chose waterfall and there are a lot of waterfalls in Bogor. But many of them are so far from Jakarta and need much time to reach it. So, we decide to go to Bidadari Waterfall, in local language they call it Curug Bidadari.

img_20160312_102439Curug Bidadari is one of waterfalls in West Java. It is located at Bojongkenang village, Sentul, Bogor Regency, West Java-Indonesia. It is in Sentul Paradise Park area. It is about 37 Km from South Jakarta. In English, we can mention the Curug Bidadari with Angel Waterfall. There is a legend about this waterfall. Joko Tarub is a Village youth village. He finds the fairies who was bathing in the waterfall. He peered bathing the angels. Because of the legend, this waterfall is called the Curug Bidadari.

img_20160312_111644If you want to go there, you can drive a car or motorcycle. We drove a motorcycle to reach that place. If you are there, do not surprise. There are many costs that are not obvious that we pay when there. They said it was an entrance fee area, parking fees, or the cost of waiting vehicles. Though the official cost we pay is the cost of the parking ticket and proof that there is a sign. So, be careful!

img_20160312_105400Despite the unpleasant events. Bidadari waterfall is very beautiful. High waterfall is approximately 30 meters. There was a pool of water that can be used to play water. When we were there, the water is quite heavy. So, we did not get too close if we do not want to get wet. In this area, there is also Are Some huts and food stalls that can be rented.

It was good to see the beauty of the waterfall and feel the air is very fresh. Thanks, Bidadari waterfall.

One response to “Curug Bidadari, Sentul Paradise Park”

  1. kepulauanseribuwisatajakarta Avatar

    wow… keren,,, saya baru tau di daerah bogor ada curug bidadari… kapan-kapan kesana ah,,,hehee,,, klo dari sentul kegunung pancar,,, jauhan mana gunung pancar sama curug bidadari?


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