Anambas; Amazing Penjalin Island

img_20160513_102359_hdrWith great enthusiasm, we sailed back after painting memories and experiences on Durai Island. We’re going to Pejalin Island. According to Eyster and her friends, Penjalin Island  is amazing island. Perhaps it is not as beautiful Bawah Island, but when you’re there may not to  go to Bawah Island and it is not big problem. Because of Visiting Bawah Island need much money than the others island. Penjalin Island is little  similar to Bawah Island. But, Penjalin is still natural and unpopulated. Besides that, Bawah Island is being built to become the island with luxury resorts.

img_20160513_103009_hdrFor us, Getting an opportunity to Penjalin Island is an extraordinary gifts from God.

According from Detik Travel, one of the online media in Indonesia, Penjalin Island is the outer islands of Indonesia bordering with Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. To get to the island Penjalin, if we start from Tarempa city takes about 1.5 hours. But if we start from Durai Island is not so far,  may be about 30 minutes. Penjalin Island is  in Palmatak districts, Anambas.

img_20160513_102355_hdr Penjalin Island has a coastline that is curved by dazzling white sand. In addition, the color of the seawater which graded turquoise makes us very interested in the beauty of the beach on this island. in addition, on right corner of this island is no split large rocks that further enhance Penjalin Island. No less beautiful with views on land, in the sea was truly extraordinary. There are many coral reefs that  more varied and colorful, a swarm of diverse fish, and other interesting  marine biota. Amazing is the right word to describe the beauty of the island Penjalin.

When we got off from our speedboat, we went  down with full of spirit. We could not wait to fall into the sea. The beach is like a giant swimming pool that is ready waiting for us to swim. After taking a few pictures and then we were ready to start our  snorkeling activity.

img_20160513_102403_hdrWe prepared our snorkeling equipments and immediately assisted by Bang Iwan headed to deeper water. To reach it, we had to swim approximately 30-40 meters, it is very far to be able to achieve this for us who are not so good at swimming. May not have that far to see the underwater Penjalin Island, just according to Bang Farizan to get the beauty of coral reefs we have much farther to sea. Only from a distance of less than 10 meters we’ve been able to find a pile of diverse coral reefs. But I admit, if the distance giant swimming pool is more than 25  meters from the beach and that’s reality.

We enjoyed our snorkel, although Mba Rina and I feel snorkeling equipments that can not function properly, but we’re trying to keep snorkeling. We would like to see a longer underwater beauty of the island. A few minutes later, we decided to end snorkeling activitiy. We wanted to play on the water. Mba Rina wanted to learn float whereas I want to learn to dive. It is very likely we did, considering the place and the depth of the sea water is very suitable for learning these things. Bang Iwan taught us about diving and some basic technique. It’s fun, isn’t it?

13237718_10201688088640649_2540023440527336701_nHaving satisfied with the variety of activities on the sea water, then we sat off the coast. We felt a bit hungry, then Eyster gave us bread and mineral water. She already knows that we would likely hungry, because this morning we only ate a bowl of Indomie, instant noodle.

At that time, we also met with other visitors. They were swimming and snorkeling on the island. It seems that  island is well known by those visitors. It is quite funny that we look at is there are two mothers who swim or soak on the Beach but wear a Umbrealla Hat. It’s  funny! Because they visit a beach but still afraid of the sun. They asked us about our next destinations. They wanted to follow us. It was because they did not make plans going to anywhere or did not know interesting tourist destinations. But in the end they were not so follow us .We did not know why. When we look back. They no longer exist. We then continued our journey the other destination.


Thanks Penjalin Island, keep it clean, natural, and beautiful. Thank you for a little bit of heaven that looks so amazing.

5 responses to “Anambas; Amazing Penjalin Island”

  1. Thank you soraia, come to this island.


  2. This is amazing. Heaven on earth! Goes on my bucket list!

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  3. wekaweka..yadeh!


  4. ini perjalanan bersama, ini milik bersama, jadi semua orang boleh pake foto bersama.


  5. wah, majang foto orang gak pake ijin nih..

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