Anambas; Nongkat Island and It’s Stones

img_20160513_131841_hdrWhen we talk about Nongkat Island, we will be reminded of Mr. Lahani, a guard of Durai Island. Becaouse  there is a cottage owned by Ms. Nina on Nongkat Island. I’m not so sure, but as I recall Mrs. Nina is an employee of Premier Oil, which was manage CSR for sea turtles conservation on Durai Island. She and her family has good relatonship with Pak Lahani. I can see it from some photos of them at Pak Lahani’s house when I entered that house. Pak Lahani told us that Mrs. Nina and her familly is a good person.

img_20160513_132059_hdr img_20160513_132011_hdr Dhanina cottage is the name of this cottage, the owner is Mrs. Nina mentioned by Mr. Lahani. By the time we came to the island, there is no one in the cottage. If there is a guard, we must request permission to visit or stop by the Nongkat Island.

Eyster often come to this island, so she memorized this place and rules. There are several buildings on the island, we could rent it if you want to stay on this island. I do not know exactly how much, but it looks quite need a lot of money. this is because the island is like a private island.

img_20160513_131826_hdrCharacteristics of this island are a lot of big stones are located in beach and shallow sea. If we ever go to Bangka Belitung, so these stones similar to stones in the area. Although not exactly same as in Bangka Belitung. This is because there are some parts of cobblestone-like split or cut, which is the hallmark of a great stones in Anambas. This reason makes Nongkat Island  different from other islands.

Not much we did on this island, we just stopped by. We just took some pictures and play around the water at the beach in front of the cottage. The sand is quite soft, especially in the seawater. It may seem like mud. While we are still playing the water, Bang Farizan and his friend had take a bath  or just washed his face  at  the cottage.


Once the activity is completed, we immediately accelerate our ship. We wanted to go to Palmatak, Eyster recommend a good place to eat in her Island. Thank you Mrs. Nina for your cottage and Nongkat Island. Always keep the Nongkat island.

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