Anambas; Delicious food in Palmatak

img_20160513_142150_hdrOur stomachs were growling will be filled soon. Love it. Eyster took us to a place to eat, Pondok Lembayung. Pal Matak or Palmatak, I am confuse about it. Palmatak is a regency in Anambas Island. It has 73 islands with 4 big islands. Palmatak districts located in Matak Island, in Tebang Ladan village with the central government in Tebang Ladan.img_20160513_141715_hdrPalmatak is probably the place that is always there in my dreams besides Tarempa. This is because a research site in a thesis, has made me dream that location. I do not know about Anambas or islands I’ve visited before. I just remember some pictures in that thesis, and the locatios of the pictures are in Palmatak and Tarempa. I observed all the places I visited in Anambas. I tried to remember the similarities between pictures in the thesis and field conditions. And I understand that I’ve got the locations in the photo, even though not all of them. My dream had come true to go to Anambas. A amazing grace for me.img_20160513_150603_hdrIn Palmatak we’re not going for a walk or snorkeling. We just stopped by for lunch. Pity, we could not know a lot about Palmatak, but not a problem. If at any time come there again, call Eyster. This is because her house is in Palmatak.

Oh! I am too happy, so forget to tell about our lunch experience at Palmatak. After a few minutes of sailing from Nongkat Island, we came to a wooden pier. The ship then at anchor in the wood, then each one of us go up to the pier. Eyster took us to a dinning stall on the sea water. Then we ordered some food in a menu, including seafood; fish, squid, and more. One more thing, Eyster said that there is another favorite menu.  Yup! Fried banana cheese. I do not really know what the name of those  cuisines. But it seems very good. In addition to ordering the food, we also tried a few original  Palmatak fish crackers. It is very tasty. Like it!

img_20160513_142211_hdrThen we sat cross-legged in a place that is already available. While waiting for the food is cooked, we talked a lot of things. We talked about community life of the social, economic, cultural, potential and existing problems in Palmatak and Anambas. It is useful experience and new knowledge. From where we sit while waiting for the food, we could see  Palmatak sea and it is very charming. Under the lodge, we saw sea water is very clear. There are a lot of small fish are being paced in the water. Corals have also seen clearly. In addition, there are a lot of mangroves in the edge of the sea. This is a small part of the beauty that is owned by Palmatak who have not had time to explore.

After a few minutes, those food finally arrived. We ate soon.  The food looked very delicious. Before it,  there is one thing that makes us curious. Two stainless teapot provided by the waitress. What is the function of the teapot? We also saw a lot of this kind of teapot earlier. The teapot is placed on the table in front of the food stall. Is the teapot serves as a kettle? or for what? Bang Farizan and Eyster said if the function is as a container pot of water to wash hands or finger bowl. After hearing their answers. We laughed. Unique teko! we said.


Eyster right, the food is very recomended! Thank you for your recomendation Eyster. It’s very delicous.

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  1. You re welcome🙂

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  2. Thank you Ester

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  3. Thank you MM..

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  4. Lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  5. Wonderful place! I just love it..

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