Buy souvenirs at Pasar Apung

img_20160429_154734If we have gone to Kalimantan, we may often see  floating markets. That’s because kalimantan has many rivers and streams are the lifeblood for the people of Kalimantan. What if the floating market at Kota Batu in Malang. Kota Batu is identical to cold air and an attractive natural scenery.

Yup! There is a floating market in Kota Batu. We could call it ‘Pasar Apung’. This place is one of the tourist attractions in Jatim Park. This market is part of Angkut Museum. This place has a beautiful view along with Interesting snacks and souvenirs stands.

img_20160429_155017We, my office friends  and I, visited Pasar Apung. We used a tour package. So, we did not take care about the tickets. But, If we want to get the boat we must pay for it. Ten thousand rupiah per person. But if we just want to looking around the market. We do not need pay for it.

img_20160429_160527There are dozens of food and souvenir stands in this market. Various kinds of food and souvenirs from some regions in Indonesia are available there. We can taste the food. They are from java, Sumatera, Kalimantan, and many places in Indonesia. It is delicious. We tried to drink Jamu, traditional drink. It is nice taste. In addition, there are some souvenirs from several regions in Indonesia. We can buy them. There are variety of souvenirs are offered; key chains, ornaments, T-shirts, and many others. We bought  a few original souvenir from Kota Batu. it is Cute wooden keychain.  Beside that, we can capture charming photos there. It is nice place!

2 responses to “Buy souvenirs at Pasar Apung”

  1. Thank you, I think this is a little floating market. If you want to go to the real floating market in Kalimantan. I hope I can go to the place someday.


  2. Wow these places look awesome! I really want to shop in markets like these in Mexico this summer!

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