Coban Rondo Waterfall and its legend

img_20160430_164739When we were in Batu – Malang after completing the outbound event, we have time to rest until dinner time. One of our friends, invited us to visit one of the waterfalls in Malang. Local people call the waterfall as Coban Rondo Waterfall. In the Java language Coban means waterfall, while Rondo Means Widow. There is a legend that underlies why the name of the waterfall as Coban Rondo.

Once upon a time, there was a couple who will visit her husband in-laws house. But on the way, there is a man who is interested in the women. The husband then hid his wife in a waterfall. Then the husband fighting with a man who loves his wife. But, both of men were killed in the fight. The wife who was waiting at the waterfall and then became a widow because her husband was killed. That’s why the waterfall known as Coban Rondo.

img_20160430_165855Coban Rondo Waterfall is located 12 km from Kota Batu, at Pandansari village, Pujong subdistrict, Malang, East Java. To reach the waterfall, visitors can rent a car like us or by public transport. This waterfall will be closed at six o’clock. So, do not be too afternoon when visiting the place. There are many facilities were provided in the area of the waterfall. For example: the outdoor learning, trekking Cuban Tengah waterfall, paintball, fun tubing, food stalls, mosque, and souvenirs stalls. Beware of your stuff, there are several monkeys that sometimes naughty. Always follow the rules and keep the environment.

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