A Tree on Pok Tunggal Beach

img_20160820_122047Curious about a tree on a beach that is being famous at the Instagram makes me want to see the tree directly. Not because the tree is well known at the social media, but rather on the natural beauty that served in the beach. Pok Tunggal Tunggal that’s the name of the beach. A white sandy beach with typical karst rock and fortified by towering karst rock.

img_20160820_111348This beach is located at Tepus village, Tepus District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. As other beaches in Gunung Kidul, the waves are quite high and is not allowed to swim. In addition, charming karst rock hill attract us, my husband and I too, to climb up the hill. We use ladder to go up the hill. Those ladders have been made. The hill is quite high and should be careful. Having reached the top of the hill, we could see the beach and sea widely. Wonderful! the right word to describe its beauty. The thing I like there is red and white flag fluttered. Feels proud to see our flag as proud to see Indonesian nature. Thanks to God for the natural beauty of Indonesia, may we always be able to keep it.

img_20160820_115640On the top of the hill, we can find a few of gazebo or simple cottages. We can sit and enjoy the sea air while seeing the beach scenery. There is little meadow and it looks green. It is nice if we want to take picture at the area. After going up the hill, we went down and continued to go up the other side of the rock. At the other side, we went up to the hill and find beautiful sea landscape with karst rock and a few plants. We also find another beach, but I forgot the name of that beach. Some time I will search about it.
img_20160820_121126After taking some photos, we went back to the beach. We sat on a ring of well. There is a spring of fresh water in the well. I think, people suck up the water. Water used for water needs in everyday life. After sitting for a few minutes, we played sea water. There are small and big enough waves came to us. It is fun and we like it.

img_20160820_114052I like the beach and when we come to the beach, beach conditions are already well maintained. It can be seen from there are many facilities available there: food stalls, showers, rental of umbrellas and mats, praying room or little mosque, and lodges to relax.

20170117224749Oh, I forgot, I find the tree that I told you before. We searched it since we came until wanted to go home. We finally found tree on the roadside and the position is not exactly located on the beach. And the tree is not the only tree that stands on the beach, but on the edge of the asphalt road. In fact, it was not the same tree with the tree that I see in the Instagram photo. On Instagram, I saw a tree standing alone on the beach. And that’s what makes me curious about Pok Tunggal Beach. I am sorry because it can not give a photo of of the tree clearly, because my hard drive error and the image that comes from my camera is on the hard drive. I am sad because of it, I hope my HDD can be normal and I can add my photos.

img_20160820_115644That’s not a problem. The most important thing is the view of the beach is very interesting and we loved it. That is all.

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