Piece of My Story in Manado and Bitung

IMG_20160916_064622.jpgIf previously I’ve told a lot of things about Gorontalo Province. In the past, Gorontalo Province is a part of North Sulawesi. But now, it has become new province. This time, I just tell a little story about North Sulawesi province, especially Manado and Bitung. Manado is the capital city of North Sulawesi province, the city is located in Manado Gulf, and is surrounded by hills and rows of mountains: Mount Lokon, Mount Klabat, and Mount Mahawu.

IMG_20160915_161700.jpgWho does not know Bunaken and Lake Tondano. In Manado, we can enjoy and explore the beauty of the underwater paradise of Bunaken. Unfortunately, I only could see it from a distance. That’s because I did not have a lot of time there. I had to work in totality there. Perhaps, if one day there is a chance again I wish I could see the beauty of Bunaken as well as I could see the beauty of an underwater paradise at the forefront of Indonesia in Anambas.

In Manado, I just tasted a plate of Tinutuan consisting of assorted vegetables. This food is known as Manado porridge. Moreover, I also had an opportunity to see Bunaken from distance when I ate at a restaurant on the seafront. Restaurant is quite well known and serves very tasty seafood cuisine. In addition to dishes with seafood theme. Besides that, I also tasted delicious Manado klapertaart in one of famous Klapertaart shops.

IMG_20160915_140631.jpgIMG_20160915_124824.jpgI also toured several souvenir shops. Kawanua is one of souvenir shops that famous in Manado. Around the shop there are also some souvenir shops that provide a wide range of souvenirs that we can take home. For example, typical Manado food cuisines, Manado unique fabric or traditional fabric, t-shirts, canned sea fish that has been given flavors, and knickknacks typical of Bunaken. The interesting thing for me is a stuffed of tarsiers.

IMG_20160916_150830_HDR.jpgAs with the Manado, in Bitung City I just  went to a fish canning company and seaport. Bitung is a city in North Sulawesi. Bitung is a city of industry, especially fisheries industry. The city has a rapid development since there is a seaport and speed up development. Bitung port is the largest port in North Sulawesi of transit passenger ships between major cities in Indonesia. Bitung port is the frontline which was built by the Indonesian government.

There are many things that still makes me want to come back to Manado and Bitung, about its natural beauty, its people, its culture, and a lot of things still make me wonder. But, thanks Manado and Bitung for the delicacy of Tinutuan, a wish to explore Bunaken, and Bitung which still makes me curious.

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