Enjoying Monas at Night

img_20160924_192844_hhtAs an icon of Jakarta, Monas is an interesting place to visit. In the past, I had visited during the day. This time my husband and I visited him at night. My husband said he wanted to see the monument wrapped in LED lights. He said it would be very interesting if it could see the colorful lights.

img_20160924_200151Currently, there are approximately 271 LED light with smart system installed on the monument. When the night, the lights enhance the look of the monument park. Many visitors who capture the beauty of the monument with their cameras.

img_20160924_202633Currently, Monas face is clean and arranged. In contrast to the previous. The street hawkers who usually sell around Monas has been relocated to a place in the Monas area. The place is a culinary center area with the name Pusat kuliner Lenggang Jakarta, in English: Lenggang Jakarta culinary center.

What can we find at the culinary center? There is a variety of street food. The food are delicious; fried noodles, fried rice, pempek, pecel, and a variety of the other foods. Besides refreshments are provided, there is also an automatic beverage machine. To pay, visitors should use electronic money. If we do not have it, please contact the seller. They will help us for payment.

img_20160924_194806_hhtIn addition to snacks and drinks, there are some stands that sells a variety of souvenirs and knickknacks typical of the city of Jakarta. We can get a display of the Monas, key chains, t-shirts, and many others.

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  1. Salam kenal juga


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