Karimunjawa is our expectation

img_20161211_144320_hdrKarimunjawa is a trip and hope together. The trip has been my friends and I wanted to travel for approximately 3 months. This was a test for us. Did we really be able to organize a tour or just talk. Therefore, we should be able to realize our tour it. This trip was planned to be pleasant and low-cost. Who is not tempted by it. Therefore, many seniors in the places where we work want to participate. Oh well, this might be interesting because it was followed by people who like traveling and have a strong spirit.

img-20161211-wa0004Welcome expectations. Karimunjawa wait for us.

Our trip started from Pasar Senen station after we finished our duty. The train journey normally takes about 7 hours because there was signal problem, we traveled with a longer time. Arriving at the station in Semarang, Central Java. We then continued our journey by car towards the port in Jepara, Central Java. We had to board the ship at 10 am. But unfortunately, we were late board the ship. We did not know, a lot of factors that influence it. Railway signals were disrupted, roads are being repaired, and the driver who could not speeding, it might cause a delay in us.

What happens to us? We sat in a restaurant that was closed with a feeling of disappointment mixed with annoyance. There are two options that are uncomfortable for us, the two options offered by the owners of our tour. We do not go to the Karimunjawa, or we departed to hire boat independently. Both of these options is very difficult for us. This is related to our expectation that we will fail after a struggle. or we had to pay more than seven million rupiahs to hire a boat. Okay, after discussing it we immediately agreed to rent the wooden boat. We may seem crazy. We decided to sail with a wooden boat. An extraordinary decision for our expectations, Karimunjawa.

Then we departed from the dock behind a kind of people’s houses. Own tour drove us and brought us our lunch, the menu is nasi Padang. The funny thing or might touching is when local people waved at us. A farewell containing a million meanings. Among worried, surprised, or thought we were crazy. We have no idea.

Then we sailed on a wooden boat. There is no doubt or fear that we feel. Maybe there but all was hidden, covered by so much hope for a Karimunjawa. It is an Interesting island that we’ve never been before. So, what we have done for more than 7 hours of a sea trip.

IMG_20161210_154859.jpgOur first lunch. Then we enjoyed the atmosphere of the sea scorching while napping. Some of us slept on the deck of the ship, several more in a small space at the top of the machine, and on the rear deck. Maybe there was people who are very satisfied took nap, they can sleep many times until late in the afternoon. After four o’clock in the afternoon, all of us sat on the front deck waiting for dusk while carry on a conversation. Did not forget we took a picture with a face that looked very smiling even though we knew we were exhausted.

img_20161210_165702_hdrAfter sunset, we still enjoyed it. However, when we turned around our ship, we see a storm with lightning. Scary that is reflected from the incident.

Besides seeing the event, we also see a lot of interesting things. We saw some birds seem to fly in the runway like an airplane taking off. Luck for us is that we see dolphins dancing beautifully in the middle of the ocean. Incredible, that’s the God’s grace to us. Thankfulness to God we pray. Thanks to the calm sea even no waves, sunny days without rain, and our safety. Until we arrived at half past eleven at night, we constantly in that condition.

IMG-20161211-WA0132.jpgKarimunjawa, here we come.

2 responses to “Karimunjawa is our expectation”

  1. I think no, but it is about our trip on the sea. We choose big risk for our trip. We use wooden boat, and it’s without safety. But because we wanted to go there. We accept the risk although we don’t know about the next time. It’s because we use unusual way.


  2. Sounds like you will have some great stories from your trip. 🙂

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