Cemara Kecil Island, lovely white sand

IMG_20161211_105630_HDRPulau Cemara Kecil, may be in English we can call it Little Casuarina Island is one of islands in Karimunjawa. This island not inhabited.

IMG_20161211_113555_HDRWhat can we found in this Island? An island surrounded by white sand, clear sea water, and green Casuarina trees.

First, we have to go down from our boat around 25-30 meters from the edge of the shore. After that we walked and steeped smooth sand. I think it is mud of sand. But it was Ok!  We were happy. After we arrived on the shore, we can see the beauty of Cemara Kecil Island. It is very nice and beauty.

IMG_20161211_114109_HDRWhat can we do on this island?  We can take some beautiful photos, play sand and sea water, and do snorkeling and diving, before we arrived on this island, we did snorkeling near this island. We found beautiful marine animals and they are very attractive.

IMG_20161211_115225Besides that, we can capture beautiful scenery or just walk around this island while enjoy the fresh air. After we were tired, we can take a rest under the tree and enjoy our lunch. Fish roasted, sambal or onions and peppers ketchup, and warm rice were our nice menu for lunch. It was very delicious!

IMG_20161211_120343_HDRAfter all of those activities, we want to continue another trip. When we walked to our boat, my friend and I found a little ray fish. We thought that it is ray fish that the size it is about our palm. It is very nice island, always keep the nature!

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