Pahawang Island; Big and small Island

Pulau Pahawang is one of beautiful island in Lampung Province. It is located at Marga Punduh, Pesawaran regency. My friends and I went to this island from Jakarta. We took open trip package to visit this island. First, we go to Merak port by my friend’s car and continued by ship. Before it, we might be waiting for another people who took open trip too. We waited for more than 5 hours. It so bored but we need to refresh our mind and we have chosen this trip.

Pahawang Island is nice island with its local communities. First, we did snorkeling on sea near Pahawang Island. What we can see into the water?  We see some sea biota; nemo, several fish types, crab, and also sea urchin. There are a lot of sea urchin, big or small. It is so scary but it is so beautiful.

After we did snorkeling activity. We arrive on Pahawang Island, some people went to homestay to take a rest.

But we continued to playing on sea water until afternoon. In the afternoon, we all of people that join in this open trip go to Pulau Pahawang Kecil, Little Pahawang Island.

There is special thing on Little Pahawang Island, what is that? It is Pasir Timbul, in English we can call it popped Up and island or just sand island. When it is on clear weather and sea water calmly, we can see it and we can capture some interesting photos.But when we were on the island, the weather was cloudy and drizzle. We could not see it because, the sea water and the weather did not support us. But it is okay, white sand and beautiful scenery is a big present for us. We hope we can take much time on this island, but rain came so fast we might to go to our homestay soon.

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  1. It seems it’s beautiful island

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