Watu Goyang; Do you see the stone swaying?

Concept of Watu Goyang is slightly different from concept of Puncak Becici or Songgo Langit, but the place offers nice view same as them. We can see Yogyakata view from the top area and there is a big stone there. People called the stone as Watu Goyang, Stone Swaying in English.

There is a stone that sway on top of a hill. If we touch the stone, it will be swaying. From the swaying stone, we can see beautiful scenery of Yogyakarta. At the area, there are deer statue made from wood. It is cute.


From the top of this place, we can walk and see the beautiful scenery of part of Yogyakarta. It is so calm but it is also amazing. If we go to this area at night, we can see beautiful light scenery. There are some blossom flowers at hillside but I do not know the name of the flowers, beside that there are papaya trees. It looks nice and beauty. Beside the flowers and those trees, there is a wooden helicopter. We can go up and enter it. we can take some interesting photos with nice view.

This place is so cute but we must be carefully, because it high enough and the hillside contains karst rock are quite sharp.

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