Umang Island; do you see some type of sea cucumbers?

 My friend said that there are a lot of sea cucumers in Lampung. But she was not mention the place detail. Now, I know about the place, it is Umang Island. A little island closed to Sebesi Island.

We visited this island in the afternoon, from Sebesi Island it takes less than 20 minutes. This island is protected by government. I think because there are so many sea biotas live here.

After jumping into the sand, we can see beautiful scenery with white and soft sand, a lot of coral reef and stones, green tress, and crystalline sea water with its gradation.


It is not enough, there some sea biotas. Many types of Fish, sea cucumber, and other biotas that I don’t know the name. besides the sea biota, there are many unique shapes of coral reef. We took it with our camera.

A few minutes after looked for and saw the sea cucumber and others biota, we were swimming while waiting for sunset.

After dusk, we went back to Sebesi Island. I love this island, I hope we are conscious of our nature and always keep the biotas.

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