Enjoying Nice Sunset on Parangtritis Beach

Who does not know Parangtristis Beach? I think everybody knows about the beach. It is a popular beach in Yogyakarta. We can enjoy the sunset on the beach. It is a nice place to enjoying the sunset while playing with sand and seawater.


Parangtritis beach is located at Jalan Parangtritis Km. 28 Yogyakarta, Indonesia. My friends and I used to motorcycle to go there but we could take a public transportation. I advise you to use your private vehicle than public transportation; it was because I seldom see the transportation. We used to the beach in the morning or in the afternoon because if we go there in the noon the weather is too hot. Our skin can be burn. The best time to go there is in the afternoon before sunset time. We can see the beautiful sunset and feel the sea wind at sunset time.

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Parangtritis beach is also famous because of a legend of Ratu Kidul or Queen of South. Many Javanese people believe that the legend is true and the others do not. It is depend on each of their faith. This beach also is a romantic beach, sometimes we will find a couple is taking pre-wedding photos. The beach also offers a nice landscape. So if a couple want to take pre-wedding photos this beach. That is good idea.
When we went to the beach, we used to can also play the seawater and sand with our friends or take some exciting photos. Sometimes, we very enjoy playing the seawater and we were not aware that our body have been soaking wet. It is not a big problem; we can buy a t-shirt and a pant at the souvenir shops. After that, we can change clothes in the bathroom that rented by residents who live around the beach. In addition, we can also take a bath. We just pay one or two thousand for it. Do not worry about the water, it is fit and clean enough for taking a bath.

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After playing the seawater and enjoying the sunset, we can fill our stomach with some food in food stalls. The sellers offer some food from seafood cuisines until instant noodles. We can also order drink or coconut water. After eating, we can buy some souvenir at souvenir shops. We can buy t-shirts, pants, and other souvenirs.


One response to “Enjoying Nice Sunset on Parangtritis Beach”

  1. What a great trip at Parangtritis Beach! Yeah this beach is one of many popular beaches in Yogyakarta, I am frequently bring foreign tourists to this location who want to enjoy the charm of this beach, especially tourists from Malaysia, Japan and Holland.


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