Climbing Mercusuar on Pandansari Beach

IMG_20150720_115638Pandansari Beach also has unique thing same as Baru Beach. If on Baru beach there are many windmills, on Pandansari Beach we can climb a Mercusuar. It is 40 meter.


My husband and I visited  this place because he suggested me to climb the Mercusuar. He said that the Mercusuar is high and difficult to climb.  We drove motorcycle to go to this place. It is near from Baru beach, goa cemara, and Kuwaru beach.  We can take the way same as when we want to go to those beach. This beach in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta.

After parking our motorcycle and paid for two thousand rupiah at parking area that is near from beach. We walked to the Mercusuar and pay for five thousand as climbing fee. The officer said that the mercusuar is high. We must climb carefully. There are eight floors with cycle stairs and one 90 degrees stair. It is so difficult and need big stamina to reach the top.


After climbing the stairs, we reached the top of the Mercusuar. What a beautiful landscape! I say thank You God. It is very amazing. We saw beaches, dragon fruit gardens, Cemara Udang trees, and shrimp embankments. After we took photos, we went down from the top of the mercusuar. Be careful!

IMG_20150720_121614 resized_JPEG_1439072443778_-1111737818

After climbing the mercusuar, we continued visiting the beach. We enjoyed the sea wind, seawater, and black sand. Shoreline is look like abrasion. So be careful and always keep the beach!

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