Grave Stone, Pagar Alam


Pagar Alam has many statues. Based on, 67 statues have been registered to the UNESCO as world heritage. The statue consists of human statues, human statues wrapped a snake, stone houses, grave stones, and the dolmen, scattered in various locations, including Tegur Wangi Lama, Rimba temple, Tanjung Aro site, and mingkik. Tegur Wangi Lama site is the biggest site which consists of a number of stone statues, stone chamber, and a dolmen. Megalithic relics contained in the vegetable fields of citizens have been protected and nurtured by the interpreter maintained under the coordination of Balai Pelestarian Peninggalan Purbakala Jambi.


we got a chance to visit the statue in Tanjung aro sites. we visited 2 grave stones and human statues wrapped a snake. Tanjung Aro grave stone is located in the village of Tanjung Aro, Northern District of Pagar Alam, Kota Pagar Alam, South Sumatra Province.

Tanjung Aro sites, there are two grave stones and lying side by side. Grave stones function as a burial place for people who are respected in the community at the time of megaliths. The size and shape of the grave stones is almost the same. It made of stone slabs that make up the composition of a room that has walls and a roof, are located below the ground surface. In the room there is a room-like spaces and there is also a smaller room at the end of the wall opposite the entrance. The room floor using stones as tiles.


Those Grave stones is located in village and is surrounded by houses, but has been fenced and protected with a roof made to keep awake from the hands of ignorant. In front of the entrance to the grave stones, we can see there are signs and information on them. The information is written in Indonesian and English. Visiting the grave stones, we know the history of ancient and trying to protect as world heritage and knowledge.

2 responses to “Grave Stone, Pagar Alam”

  1. 7-8 jam sekitar 310 Km dari pakembang. Bisa pake mobil atau bus umum. Tapi drivernya harus yang kuat. Karena bentang alamnya perbukitan dan jurang untuk sampe kesana.


  2. Berapa jauh Pagar Alam dari Palembang? Trus untuk sampai ke lokasi bisa ditempuh dengan mobil kah?


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