Anambas; Biang Island teach us about snorkeling

img_20160512_135646_hdrisaw0837I had bad experience about snorkeling but I eager to know it more than before. So, my friends and I try to snorkeling on Anambas Islands. We interested in those islands. The first place that we visited is Biang Island. Our guide, Eyster, did not tell us more about the beach. But She taught Β us more about snorkeling.

We would learn about snorkeling at this island. I did not know more about the reason why she invited us to learn on this island. I think this island perfect to learn snorkeling because the distance between the beach and snorkeling spot not too far away. So, we as a beginner in snorkeling will not be too exhausted to swim from shore to spot snorkel. Moreover, coral reefs can be seen from a distance of approximately meters from shore and depth gradually increases. From half a meter, one meter, one and a half meter, two meters, and so on.

The thing that I love about Ester and his three friends, Bang Farizan, Bang Iwan, and Bang Rifai highly proficient in diving, is to teach us to believe that the snorkeling was very pleasant and they hoped we enjoyed our snorkel. They did not force us to use the all snorkeling equipment, the important thing is always to use life jackets. They carry a complete snorkel equipment, but if we do not use those tools, it does not matter. For example, we could not use the flippers, then they replaced it with coral shoes to protect our foot when the foot touched the sharp coral.

Slowly they led us to the snorkeling spot and taught us to be calm when in seawater. We were taught to always try and calm so as not to panic when the appliance is not working properly snorkeling. When we’ve been able to control ourselves in the water, we would have been able to enjoy snorkeling. We would be very easy to see the beauty of the underwater world without fear, but we also remain alert to other possibilities.

We also believe in them and their abilities, so we felt safe to snorkel. We believe that they are the master divers, although at the time there they have not been certified as a dive master, because it has not had the opportunity and there is no fee to obtain the certificate, but we believe their capabilities as divers either scuba diving or free diving, they are very good at diving. Proud of them.
Biang Island was gorgeous. The island has white sand and smooth but also fused with fragments of small corals. On the edge of the beach looked a lot of coconut trees and special plants of Anambas, such as cloves that blanketed almost all surfaces in this Biang Island. There is a desire in my heart to be able to see further into the island. Unfortunately, the time we have is not much. But looking at it has been very enjoyable. Underwater beauty is no less, with water so clear, we could see the seabed and coral reefs along with a bunch of fish. At any time snorkeling we could see beautiful coral reefs, fish to swim to and fro, as well as other fascinating marine animals.

Thank you to Biang Island, you are very pretty. Thanks to Eyster and the dive master. We are pleased with this snorkeling lessons. We enjoyed and ready snorkeling again at the next destination.

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  1. Ok, thanks for the information πŸ™‚

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  2. There is a big enough hotel, but i forget the name of the hotel. But there are a lot of small hotel near the harbour. We chose hang tua hotel, good enough to sleep well. And in front of the hotel, we can eat delicious Tarempa noodle and Tarik tea.

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  3. Anambas looks wonderful! Do you have any recommended hotels or resorts there? I’ve search on the internet but i got nothing. And when is the best time to visit Anambas?

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  4. Thank you Fani.


  5. amazing !! πŸ™‚ like it

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  6. Amazing pics. I loved it. πŸ™‚


  7. sounds good! Let me learn how to swim first πŸ™‚

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  8. thank you, let go snorkling!

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  9. Great pictures! I’m inspired to go snorkeling no

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  10. Your art is amazing, i love all of them.


  11. Thank you miss Barbara.


  12. Thanks for sharing and it is beautiful under water.. You are brave.

    *Thanks so much,*Barbara Haviland websites: Blog: /

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    > Rist posted: ” I had bad experience about snorkeling but I eager to know > it more than before. So, my friends and I try to snorkeling on Anambas > Islands. We interested in those islands. The first place that we visited is > Biang Island. Our guide, Eyster, did not tell us” >

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