Anambas; Penyali Island, Love your Photos

img_20160513_123232_hdrPenyali Island is the fifth island that we visited. It is located in Tebang village, Palmatak District, Anambas. The island has a variety of plants that are similar to other islands. I think that the island is still natural and there are no people living here. The advantages of this island has white sand is wide and soft enough. The scenery of this fascinating island. If you are a person who likes photography, you will get a lot of interesting photo spots.

I like this island and I get a few beautiful photos on this island. We did not do snorkeling on the island, we just took a few photos and play sea water. We also walked a little bit around the island. On this island, we find a few fallen trunks and lay on the beach. It was an interesting spot that is perfect for a place to take pictures.

Moreover, on the coast we also find shells big enough. I do not know whether in the sea around this island there are shells.  Besides that, there are big enough and small corals speard on the beach. Unfortunately, we do not have time to do snorkeling. So we do not know how about underwater conditions of Penyali sea. Someday, I hope to see the underwater beauty of the island. Hopefully!


Thank you Penyali Island for you great photos, keep natural, clean, and beautiful.

12 responses to “Anambas; Penyali Island, Love your Photos”

  1. love this view and i wanna go to there, some day

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  2. Wow. Nice Pictures. Happy travelling 🙂


  3. Thank you, Tabi. Come there. It’s so wonderfull.

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  4. These are some incredible photos! looks stunning there ❤

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  5. Yes,it’s. Thank you Ester.

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  6. Thank you Noemi,


  7. Wonderful place Rist!

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  8. There are soooo many beautiful places on Earth.. and I love the pictures 🙂

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  9. Thank you, hehe OK.

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  10. I love that colour blue of the sea! Just calling me to take a dip in it!

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  11. Awesome land pics love it…😊😊😊

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