Anambas; Air Sena and Breeding of Napoleon Fish

img_20160513_154855After lunch in Palmatak, we continued our last trip to Air Sena. It is a place for breeding fish napoleon. Napoleon fish worth considering. One kilogram rewarded more than one million rupiah. This breeding of Napoleon fish is  located in  Air sena village, District of Central Siantan, Anambas Islands, Riau Islands.

img_20160513_153713_hdrNapoleon is a type of reef fish. Latin name Cheilinus undulatus or called humphead maori wrasse. Ketipas is familiar name of napoleon fish. Local communities call it. In Air Sena Village  many people who breed the fish.

There are many breeding pond there. The pond was measuring approximately 4 x 4 meters with a depth of about two meters. On the sidelines of net cages, there is a small road made of planks that can be used to pass the time feeding or check the condition of the cages. The cages and the nets must always be monitored because of its location at sea.

img_20160513_154315_hdrNot only Napoleon fish are bred there. There are also several types of grouper. Groupers have a horrible physical appearance.

img_20160513_153917_hdrWe could see it from the teeth looked pointy and sharp. In addition, when fed, the fish looked very greedy. I can not imagine if there is an animal that fell into the pond, animal body may be torn to shreds. Because of this, we are quite careful when walking in the small streets.

img_20160513_154654In addition to the grouper looked creepy. We also noticed some albino groupers. Sightings of the fish were not so terrible, the dominant color is white although there are some parts of his body were a little black. But it does not look so scary. But if we look at it again, when the fish opens its mouth there are pointy and sharp teeth.

Very interesting to see the fish breeding. There, we see the movement of the local economy from the sea Anambas. Apart from the problems now faced by the owners of the captivity. I hope there are many good things that result from these efforts and preservation of Napoleon fish and the grouper.

The weather is very hot but cloudy day also will come. This is the end of our island hopping trip. If you want to visit Anambas. You can call Eyster at her facebook, Thank you Eyster, 3 great snorkling guides, and 2 our drivers with his ship. Thank you for these experiences and our trips.


Thanks islands and sea in Anambas. Salam Lestari!

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